Welcome to Deferred Procrastination:

We're a small company with some big ideas about making engineering better and more accessible.

I've spent time as a university researcher, where openness about processes and results is what helps make the system work. It means people don't spend their time endlessly re-doing things that someone else already knows the answer to, and they get to spend their effort on finding out new things. But it doesn't have to only work in academia.

The open source model has been shown to work for software and it can work for hardware too. And some people are brave enough to try it. Intellectual property law already gives producers a legal ownerships over their work; their produce doesn't need extra secrecy.

Not that the secrecy even matters. If you sell something that you developed, then your ideas are there for anyone who wants to open the box. Just because you say they can't doesn't mean that they won't!

And those people who most want to see what I do:

They are the people I most want to show it to!