I'm quite excited to have Def-Proc online and have a huge temptation to just post everything I've written, as soon as I've typed it! However, I'm aware that the internet prefers new material to old, and that posts need time at their top of the list to have a chance of reaching an audience. Too much content, delivered too close together ends up as a jumble, and swamps its self--so then you'd be left with a huge gap while I actually went and did some engineering!

To try and even things out, I'll be posting to the Def-Proc blog with an article every Thursday. I could post more frequently, but that would leave me rather less time to be an engineer; and I don't want to post less frequently, i.e. only when I release/complete/update a project, because that undermines the transparency of being open source.

So as not to upset my publishing schedule, and delay any articles unnecessarily, I'll have a Monday slot at irregular intervals for additional content. Usually these will be shorter form posts or announcements (like this one), or project notices.

If that's not enough Def-Proc for you, you can follow me on twitter, @DefProc