A new version release for TweetUpdater, adding a new option to limit message sending based on post category and meta information. Thanks to BjornW for taking the time to add to the project.

The new rcmbnt.com URL shortener gave me the impetus to add the generic YOURLS support. Although I've been toying with the idea for a while, it seems a little redundant because the official YOURLS plugin is already very good. It does however, tie in nicely with moving from explicit filegetcontents() and CURL calls, and using the WPHttp API to remove the specific server requirements. WPHttp lets WordPress choose the appropriate method for retrieving http data--a function I came across thanks to YOURLS' creator Ozh.

TweetUpdater is not quite CURL independent though, the Twitter OAuth library calls CURL for sending messages to Twitter. I'm intending to look at this in the future, so TweetUpdater can run completely through WP_Http.

Download for either Github, the WordPress.org plugins page, or from your Wordpress installation.


  • Added option to limit message sending by category or custom field - From BjornW.

  • Added tweet length checking, will trim title and force shortening of long urls to keep tweets under 140 characters.

  • Added generic YOURLS shortener support - for both public and private installations. Can use timestamp-hashed secret keys (preferred) or usename/password combo (sent plaintext).

  • Removed CURL dependency for short URL retreval, replaced with WP_Http (CURL is still required for sending updates to Twitter).

  • Removed zz.gd shortener, because the service is now closed