Atomic Duck Logo If you've been following along with the Design Influences posts, you might like to know what all that influencing has led to. Well here it is.

If you haven't been following along, this is the result of a fairly radical rethinking of the how to aproach velomobile design.

<!-- more --> This includes:

  • Sacrificing a little aerodynamic efficiency means it's possible to use a lot less expensive construction method

  • The lower manufacturing cost means we can make a velomobile that costs less than a car--pre-made and as a kit

  • This simplified manufacturing method means Atomic Duck can be built at home, using only basic workshop tools

  • We've got a set of features that makes velomobiling easier than driving a car

  • Open Source Engineering

And this is what the Atomic Duck velomobile will look like:

Atomic Duck Design, front ¾ view Atomic Duck Design, front ¾ view (click to embiggen)

More on those extra special features starting next week…