…then I'll start pedalling!

So, a simple seat that will be comfortable for most people to use (I can see why there are designers who only do chairs!) with a maximum of one adjustment. To keep it simple sliding is out, as are any complex office chair style adjustments, so Atomic Duck has to be able to fit in anyone between 5 foot and 6 foot 2 inches, using only a single pivot for the seat (and a sliding crank position). Easy right?

The biggest problem is making sure that the rider can see over the bonnet. The canopy is only a certain height, so the pivoting seat needs to keep the rider's eyeline high enough, without them going through the top of the canopy!

Here's what I have:<!-- more -->

Pivoted at the front, the seat height is controlled by the rear crosspiece. The crosspiece is moved into one of the position notches, and rests against the back wall to control the seat angle. This means getting to the luggage area is just a case of pivoting the seat forward, and it will fall back into place without any latches.

Seat Frame Seat Frame Adjustable Seat Side View Adjustable Seat Side View

For the seat surface, fabric is placed over the top edge and fastened on the side. So you sit comfortably supported by the fabric, fully between the seat sides.

Adjustable Seat Lowest Position Adjustable Seat Lowest Position Adjustable Seat Mid Position Adjustable Seat Mid Position Adjustable Seat Highest Position Adjustable Seat Highest Position

Other than the seat structure and connections, the only additional parts are the two pivots at the front. For positioning and alignment, these are both slotted and epoxied into place. You might notice that the front structure shown has had the lower bend reversed, so the seat pivot loading goes down onto the structure.