As the quest continues to find a manufacturer, and get the production prices for the parts, I've been building up a database of parts for public view. If you'd like to take a look, it's currantly running at (down at the moment because of suPHP). While it's clearly not finished yet and (as of the time of writing) only has the standard tikiwiki skin, I am interested to know if there is enough of the right type of information on there for you. I've spent the best part of 9 months with these parts, so I have most information about them remembered, but it's important that the parts database is relevant to even the casual user.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, improvements or criticisms about the parts database, so I can take this on board in improve any areas now, during development. Email me at contact [at] or add a comment to the bottom of this post.

It looks like I'll have to use three manufacturers for the Atomic Duck parts so far. The mix of manufacturing processes means that I haven't found one workshop that has the machinery to do all of them. So far it looks like I'll use the following mix:

  • A Laser cutting shop for cutting and bending the sheet parts.

  • A general precision engineers for the turning, bar, tube and plate cutting.

  • And a tube bending specialist who can do the mandrel bending of the round, front axle tube.

More information as it comes, but as soon as the order goes in for the prototype build I will know the exact manufacturing prices, so I will then open the pre-order deposits in preparation for the development kits. Initially all purchases will be through paypal, so "pre-order deposits" will be purchased gift-vouchers, which can be redeemed against any purchase from Deferred Procrastination. Pre-order deposits will also give me an idea of the initial order volumes, and those with gift vouchers will get priority on the limited number of manufacturing slots.<!-- more -->

Here's a couple more images that I found from Maker Faire UK:

Stand, Saturday Morning Saturday Morning Stand, Saturday Morning Saturday Morning Maker Faire, Saturday Chatting to OxHack Members