What I was hoping to write today was that my set of prototype parts are off for production, to be received next week, but it looks like I have to wait another day to get that started (but still in time for Maker Faire). Instead though, I can reveal the finalised part designs, and get to the real open source part of the open source engineering.

While this will all go into the wiki, I've got all the engineering drawings, for every part I'm having manufactured, to build the first prototype Atomic Duck (M0.1). Each part drawing is a pdf file ready to be printed on A3 paper, or A4 at half the stated scale, all in a single .zip archive, ready to download:


This is about as open source as I can get, these drawings fully describe every non-bike part that will go into the prototype build, and they are fully dimensioned, so you can make these parts yourself…

Files are named with part numbers, using the following scheme:<!-- more -->


Where Axxx is the assembly number:

  • A001: Chassis

  • A002: Front Axle

  • A003: Seat

  • A004: Bottom Bracket Holder

  • A005: Steering Wheel

Pxxx gives the part number in the assembly and Rxxx is the part revision number (R001). Where Pxxx has the suffix L or R, this denotes two similar left and right handed parts respectively.

An additional drawing for each part that is folded is given the -NET suffix. These drawings describe the flat pattern form that is cut first, before it can be bent to shape.

Where the file name has an -M suffix, further bending of the part is required before the part can be fitted. i.e. A002P003R001-M (front axle retaining bracket) needs to go round the 1" radius front axle tube (A001P009R001) and needs to be bent to fit this first.

Missing part numbers: the A001P010R001 (front axle retaining bracket) was changed to A002P003R001 in the front axle assembly; A004P005R001 is a bottom bracket shell, purchased from a frame builder instead of being manufactured this time (OD 43mm in aluminium).

If you want do a full build, you'll need two copies of the following parts:

  • A001P007R001

  • A002P001R001

  • A002P002R001

  • A002P003R001

  • A002P004R001

  • A002P005R001

  • A003P001R001

  • A003P002R001

  • A005P001R001

  • A005P008R001

And three of these:

  • A003P003R001

_If I even needed a better reason to release these plans with no digital "locks" or "rights protection" rubbish on them, it was trying to purchase 4 audiobooks, from the world's largest distributor of audiobooks, and put them onto an ipod, using Ubuntu.

While Ubuntu can talk to the ipod and transfer audio files without any problem, after 2 and a half hours, I still did not have any of the £45 of audiobooks downloaded, I had three new (useless) programs, and had lost that time from my life.

Getting the same files without DRM should have taken 2 minutes of searching, and about an hours wait to download. That's it. Oh, and why do digital downloads cost 3 times the price of the same audio on CD?_