It's all go with getting ready for Maker Faire UK this weekend. If you are near Newcastle, please come in and say hello; it's only £5 entry for Saturday and Sunday and there will be plenty of other interesting projects to see too.

I can't go without something to give away, so I've got a set of Atomic Duck top trumps style cards for visitors to remember me by.

Front Image of Maker Faire giveaway cards Front []Rear image of Maker Faire giveaway cards]( Rear

Despite having spent the last 4 weeks trying solidly to get a set of prototype parts manufactured, I still have no aluminium parts to display. I think I've been spoiled by the instant turnaround or ordering things online, and established manufacturing businesses can be very "laid back" in comparison…

Though I don't any have aluminium parts to show at Maker Faire, I will still be exhibiting an Atomic Duck chassis. I'll be there with a full scale mockup, so you can have a good look around.

I couldn't have completed the full scale mockup without the help of my wife. Her excellent scalpel skills come from too much cutting, of too much intricate detail, on too many late nights, with too little time!