We'll be having a week-long summer closedown for the next week, starting Monday 15th August. This means that shop orders will not processed from 15th August until 22nd August 2010, comment approval will be delayed for that week, and you'll have to wait for any replies.

Other than that, I think you'll be OK(!), but if in the mean time you'd like a little read, here are some of the most popular articles from the last year:

  1. Add rel=”lightbox” to WordPress Images (now a WordPress Plugin)

  2. Posting to Twitter using OAuth (as used in the TweetUpdater WP plugin)

  3. Why a Velomobile? Speed

  4. A post on the calculation of tricycle rollover stability and the resultant investigation into tricycle lateral stability that lead me to refute the "Golden Rule of Trike Design" (pdf download)

See you next week.