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When I moved add-rel-lightbox across to using Simple DOM Parser in place of the regex controlled for version 0.4, I had a little problem with the pre-release code stripping line breaks from every post that, although it didn't cause a display problem by it's self, caused another regex based plugin to bork the page at the point of render. While this was sorted for the version 0.4 release, there was still some quieter newline-stripping that was still going on that version 0.4.1 now resolves.

As with the previous problem, this again came from the default settings of the Simple HTML DOM Parser. By default, the parser will try to close any un-closed html tags in the input that it's given; to try and allow for malformed html with the minimum of fuss, and allow the PHP that's using the parser to call any tag in the content. However, one of the results of this behaviour is that it will concatenate all the lines of a multi-line tag — such as `or

` — by removing all the newlines. 

To stop this happening, I've set $forceTagsClosed = false for the the parser. While this option true by default to allow for less trusted html, this shouldn't be an issue for parsing WordPress post content as this is inherently trusted content and because only a small subset of tag information is used, it should have little effect on the actual output.

If you've seen multi-line `or

` elements reduced to one line after installing version 0.4, an update to version 0.4.1 should fix that for you.