I've pushed a couple up updates to LaTeX-SVG-to-PDF that come from some changes I made to my largest LaTeX project file.

Since I converted a long (>100 pages) document from Microsoft Word format to LaTeX, I've now split the file down into the separate chapters for easier editing that are all \include{}'d or \input{}'d from a single main file. As suggested by the LaTeX Project Structure Guidelines, this includes moving the separate .tex files into a sub-directory and putting the preamble into its own .sty style file.

Sort of like this: LaTeX Project Structure Guidelines LaTeX Project Structure Guidelines

To get this to generate a .pdf file properly with the LaTeX-SVG-to-PDF makefile properly needed a couple of adjustments:

  • Added a variable for the location of the sub-folder holding the component .tex files (TEX_SRC_DIR) and a for all .tex files in that directory (TEX_SRC) --- the default location is ./tex/.

  • Adjusted the pdf generation inputs to rebuild if any of the component .tex files change.

  • Included any .sty files as inputs for the .pdf file so styles changes will trigger a rebuild.

(see this commit)

I also noticed that if there are any errors when a bibliography is generated, these are not output at the end of the make run so I've added a grep for warnings in the bibliography log file.

(see this commit)

As always, the makefile is available to downlod, use, fork, tinker and change on github.

As a special bonus this week, how to typeset a document that looks like it has been written by a crazed cthulhu cultist, including typsetting an elder sign! And yes, you could use the LaTeX-SVG-to-PDF makefile, but it's overkill for a short, text only document…