I went through the steering pulley arrangement in detail last week, and here's the whole steering assembly:

A005_R002 Steering Assembly

Steering Pulley Arrangement

Top View

Pulley Side Layout

Wheel-Side Parts Diagram

There's additional support structure around the pulley mount on the dash panel. As it was, the length of the steering column meant that the dash panel would be very easily bent out of shape. The additional structure from the dash support spreads the bending forces, to stiffen the area.

The steering wheel's connection to the steering column has been changed from a single bolt to three. This means that the manufacture of the column is simpler, there's now no need to drill and tap the centre of the column, and because the pulley is attached with a keyless fastening, all the adjustment is at the pulley end.

The steering wheel tubes extend up from the steering wheel to allow either bar-end brake levers or normal bike brake levers the correct way round for the rider to hold.