This coming weekend, Maker Faire UK is at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. I'll be exhibiting as part of the DoES Liverpool stall this year.

While I initially started going to DoES Liverpool, it was to get some hands-on experience with running a laser cutter, which would improve the work I was doing with the Atomic Duck. Since the start of this year, I've been working as the technician for the co-working, workshop and makerspace.

Along with helping users get started with the laser cutter and the 3D printer in the workshop, I've also been able to do some really interesting smaller projects too and I'm looking forward to showing some of those off at Maker Faire this year.

Included on the stand from me will be:

  • The clip-together "Clip-R-Pi" >Raspberry Pi boxes showing the integrated [ that I developed.

  • Some double lattice-hinged booklets to show off the work I did on sizing the lattice hinge cuts.

And new for Maker Faire:

  • A £6 Arduino-shield-compatible board based on the project (a £3 barebones arduino clone-on-a-breadboard).

  • The Doodlebot-Pro, a more permanent version of the pens+cup+tape+vibrating motor robot. This version has a laser cut chassis with 120 degree finger joints and integrated elastic clips so it can be assembled and disassembled in seconds.

  • An animated, 90 LED wordclock that is driven from 10 digital pins on the Arduino using Charlieplexing. Also there will be a demo circuit showing the charlieplexing schematic and the persistence of vision effect.

  • Arduino scales built using an instrumentation amplifier to get readings directly from the strain gauges in a commercial kitchen scales.