I’m still a Design Engineer, but now I’m also a WordPress plugin Developer!

Twitter stopped accepting basic authentication (username+password) for its API fully on 31st August 2010. Therefore, TwitterUpdater, the plugin I altered to auto-tweet new posts uses basic authenication, also stopped functioning at the end of August. Because it’s the only plugin that is suitable for me at the moment (see Auto-tweet from Wordpress with Petite URLs) I’ve updated the plugin again to access Twitter via OAuth; and have released the code open source.

Because Twitter will not allow applications to use the word “twitter” as part of their name, I’ve renamed the updated plugin to “TweetUpdater” to get Twitter API keys.

TwitterUpdater has a long history of being updated by whomever needed it to do something more, and I’d like to add to that. If you would like to help; especially if you have a URL shortener to add, please get in touch: contact [at] Otherwise, you can fork the code at github and take it your own direction.

Project Page:

The project homepage is here, you can use the shortlink:

Download: Source code is hosted on Github at
The plugin has also been accepted into the WordPress Plugins Directory.


FAQs at
Help and Support/Bug reports are at Github.


Github code commits @wpTweetUpdater.
Or follow the me @DefProc.


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Other Contributers:

BjornW - (v3.1-present)

Jordan Trask “@comm” (April 2010) - (v.2.09, v2.10, v3.0-present)

Eric Austin Lee (January 2009) – (v.2.08)

Marco Luthe (October 2008) – (v.2.07)

Ingo “Ingoal” Hildebrandt (v.2.01-v.2.06, v2.07.1)

Jonathan Dingman (v.2.0)

Victoria Chan (v.1.0)