The Clip-R-Pi is a box for the Raspberry Pi computer. It is completely laser-cut from acrylic sheet, with integrated fastenings so it doesn't require any additional fixings, hardware or glue to construct. It was designed by us as a way to showcase the laser-cut elastic-clips that we created as part of the design process for the Atomic Duck.


  • Clip-R-Pi is a clip-together box that uses no external fasteners.
    • Quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble.
  • Full build instructions are included.
    • With a photo instructions online so anyone can build this case.
  • The removable top gives easy, full access to all the connectors without unboxing the board.
  • Secure internal board supports mean the Raspberry Pi board is held without rattling.
    • Compatable with all Model A and B1 as well as the revised B2 boards.
  • Clip-R-Pi cases can be stacked with connectors either aligned or opposed as required.
    • Because nobody stops at one Raspberry Pi!
  • Quality checked
    • Unlike some lower cost laser cut cases, every Clip-R-Pi is built and disassembled for packing to ensure good parts fit and reliability.
  • Made in the UK
    • The clip design and box construction is all open source, and available now on thingiverse to use in your own projects. Supplied in a laser cut packaging that is also completely clipped together.