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Welcome to the DefProc Laboratory! Our team of problem solvers, creators, and change makers can help to bring your wildest ideas to life. As wild thinking, coffee-drinking engineers ourselves we know how important it is to get an idea, play with it, and see what it can do in the real world. By collaborating with our team, building a prototype, and testing your idea for validity, we can make your concept a reality.


Whether we’re creating a proof of concept for an IoT device, carrying out our 3D printing, or connecting a network of micro controllers, our team of innovators can imagine the impossible. Discover how we’ve helped other organisations, both big and small, achieve incredible things and see how we can work closely with you to do just the same. Or, if you want to get right down to it, get in touch and we’ll put on a pot of coffee.

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Think you’ve got an idea or need one developing further? We can help you discover what your idea is and create a plan of action to make it happen.

We can help you figure out if your idea is feasible and help you create a proof of concept. This vital stage will help you figure out if your idea is viable.

Next, we can help you build a prototype and test it in the real world. By working iteratively we can create the best outcome for you and your product.

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Check out what we do, to see what we can offer you. We cover everything from concept to real world prototypes.

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Push to Talk

A technical insight to the upgrades made to our Push to Talk buttons and app.

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How we did it: Push to Talk

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An expert guide to our 5G and LoRaWAN project, Push to Talk.

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Non-contact? No problem!

Explore how we have incorporated contactless technology into our projects.

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Made Invaders

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Makerspace creation where Space Invaders meets Time Crisis.

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Science + Media Museum

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Multiple installations from space sounds to 4D movies and more.

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Push to Talk

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Service to connect people as a way to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

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