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Proof of Concept

 Testing the feasibility of your idea is the first step to creating a successful product. This stage highlights the potential risks and setbacks your project currently faces.

Rapid Prototyping

 During the product development stage, we will quickly fabricate scale models of designs to evaluate and improve the product’s form and function.

Design for Manufacture

 Creating designs optimised for industrial manufacturing. We determine the best manufacturing process, design and material. We will also ensure that the product complies with the relevant safety requirements.

Device Firmware

Our capabilities range from producing bespoke firmware for a device or desktop application or improving existing firmware to optimise power and performance.

Project Scope

We can provide expert guidance to define your project’s goals, objectives, deliverables and timelines. This includes determining the resources your project will need, creating a realistic timeline and identifying potential risks and challenges.


Bespoke, industry-specific software designed for you. Whether you require data collection, custom IoT servers or graphing, alerting and operational interfaces, we create secure, easy-to-use software that suits your needs.


Designing and building bespoke printed circuit boards that efficiently connect a device’s electronic components.


As leading experts in sensor integration, we can help define and design your project or device from conception to completion. This includes recording, processing and displaying information from a device onto a dashboard.


We can help demystify LoRaWAN and NB-IoT and create advanced IoT solutions, applications and devices that can reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide data-driven insights.


From creating prototypes to crafting precise models for manufacture, we use CAD to modify, inspect and optimise even the most complex designs.

Interactive Installations

We can collaborate with partners to create an immersive and unique experience for everyone to enjoy. Our past installations have ranged from projection-mapped spectaculars to interactive wall features.

Electronic Design

Providing electrical design, integration knowledge and support, we work closely with clients to create safe and effective electronics for a range of uses. We can also prepare your device for EMC testing.

Innovative solutions

As a collaborative partner, we are here to help you realise your business idea. From initial design to testing and deployment, our team of specialists will collaborate with you every step of the way to transform your ambitions and create maximum impact.

Quality driven

At DefProc, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to providing products and engineering services that exceed expectations. As an innovation partner, we extensively research the best industry practices to work with new technology across a range of sectors, allowing us to deliver an unrivalled service you can trust.

Commitment to sustainability

We recognise the importance of utilising technology to drive change. By prioritising sustainability, we can help clients reduce waste, source environmentally-friendly materials, and save costs by creating efficient, reliable and durable products. We also design products to fit within a circular economy, promoting sustainable consumption and extending product life.

Our small-scale manufacturing capabilities allow our clients to field test their products in small numbers to discover how the product performs and what improvements to make before committing to the design for the manufacturer stage. Reducing waste and risk allows our clients to create profitable, environmentally responsible projects.


From the first phone call or meeting, we will explore your idea and requirements to be able to provide you with the best route to realise your project as a whole. From there, we’ll agree the best next step with you, and work to complete the tangible deliverables that you need to progress. You will be involved at each and every step of the process so you can be sure that you will get the results that will continue to move your project forward.
Every phase of a project has a set of tangible outcomes that we will have agreed with you — before we start — as the key requirements for the work we will provide. Whether that is creating software, building proof-of-concept devices or creating prototypes; what we hand over to you will meet those deliverables. The requirements will be unique to you, depending on the need, scale or progress of your project, but in all cases it will give you a clear and identifiable list of everything that we will perform for you, so you will be secure in the knowledge of exactly what to expect.
We completely understand the need for secrecy during technical exploration and development of new products and services and we are normally able to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) if you would like. However, we would encourage you to share as much information as possible beforehand, so that we can best advise you on how we can help with your project. We can also offer advice on the situations where an open-source hardware or software approach might also provide a benefit to your project, but we are very happy to work at the level of confidentiality that you are comfortable with.

Each and every piece of work we do is specific to that client’s needs. We are happy to work on projects that might only need a day or two from us, or to work alongside other contractors, over extended periods, and provide ongoing ad-hoc support to a project. Just send us a few details about your project in the contact form below, and we can start a discussion about how our engineering services can best help you.

An engineer from our team will contact you to discuss the idea in further depth and start to determine what the best options are going forward. At this point, a meeting in person may be the next step. These discussions will enable us to see how we can best provide our engineering services to meet your requirements.

No. Our standard payment terms are 50% of labour and the agreed parts costs to start, with the remainder due on completion. This ensures that you know the exact cost upfront, and you receive what you expect before paying the other half.

Our Process

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