Our Services

Apart from excellent coffee, we also provide

Proof of Concept

Designing real world viable solutions that can be implemented into prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly fabricating scale models of designs, so they can be improved and itterated upon.

Design for Manufacture

Creating designs that can then be easily upscaled to industrial manufacturing with ease.

Device Firmware

Bespoke firmware designed specifically for the hardware in use, for optimum performace and power usage.


The heart of any device, that controls exactly what the device does and how.


Bespoke software includung device interacting desktop and mobile applications.


From scratch designing and building of printed circuit boards that house the components that build up to create a working device.


Recording, processing and displaying a range of sensory information from the devices to the dashboards.


Wide area network communication allowing for devices to connect to internet applications over long range wireless connections.


From providing custom 3D model files to take away, to manufactoring bespoke designs used for complete products.

Structural Engineering

Identifying the strength and rigidity of designs to ensure long life durable devices.

3D Printing/Laser Cutting

A multitude of ways to create physical models and products, a combination created to best suit particular needs.

From the first phone call or meeting, we will explore your idea and requirements to be able to provide you with the best route to realise your project as a whole. From there, we’ll agree the best next step with you, and work to complete the tangible deliverables that you need to progress. You will be involved at each and every step of the process so you can be sure that you will get the results that will continue to move your project forward.
Every phase of a project has a set of tangible outcomes that we will have agreed with you — before we start — as the key requirements for the work we will provide. Whether that is creating software, building proof-of-concept devices or creating prototypes; what we hand over to you will meet those deliverables. The requirements will be unique to you, depending on the need, scale or progress of your project, but in all cases it will give you a clear and identifiable list of everything that we will perform for you, so you will be secure in the knowledge of exactly what to expect.
We completely understand the need for secrecy during technical exploration and development of new products and services and we are normally able to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) if you would like. However, we would encourage you to share as much information as possible beforehand, so that we can best advise you on how we can help with your project. We can also offer advice on the situations where an open-source hardware or software approach might also provide a benefit to your project, but we are very happy to work at the level of confidentiality that you are comfortable with.
Each and every piece of work we do is a service specific to that client’s needs. We are happy to work on projects that might only need a day or two from us, or to work alongside other contractors, over extended periods, and provide ongoing ad-hoc support to a project. Just send us a few details about your project in the contact form below, and we can start a discussion about how we can best help you.
An engineer from our team will contact you to discuss the idea in futher depth and start to determine what the best options are going forward. At this point, a meeting in person may be the next step. These discussions will enable us to see how we can best provide our services to meet your requirements.

No. Our standard payment terms are 50% of labour and the agreed parts costs to start, with the remainder due on completeion. This ensures that you know the exact cost upfront, and you receive what you expect before paying the other half.

Our Process

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