A new and improved version of MFUKLC for 2016, Made Invaders is a live-action arcade game; a mix of Space Invaders and Time Crisis. Using foam dart guns, players have 30 seconds to hit as many of the lit up, animated LED targets.

This project is a direct evolution for MFUKLC, using the same impact sensors, a number of improvements have been made for this version:

  • a new (and much better) name,
  • a logo,
  • new, light up, LED array targets,
  • custom target sprites,
  • new wood target boxes,
  • a single play stand and dart holder,
  • new event sounds and custom game soundtracks,
  • and a new gazebo.

Built as a showcase for DoES Liverpool, our contributions are part of a team. Contributers to the project include: