We are pleased to report a 168% increase in pre-tax profit between December 2022 and May 2023 (from £15,041 to £40,392), against the same period the previous year.

We have also secured a six-figure deal with Northern Gas Networks to create a Smart Gas Pressure Sensor, which will fill the expected market need for the monitoring of supply pressure and low-pressure shut-off status, significantly reducing the disruption in homes if the gas supply is lost. This is one of eight big project wins for us over the last six months alone, worth a total of £236,000.

The operation of the Smart Gas Pressure Sensor will include maximising the stability of introducing hydrogen on the network, reducing the need for engineer callouts, and minimising disruption in properties where it is fitted. Householders will also get real-time updates about problems with their gas supply and the cause.

We have previously worked with Northern Gas Network to develop the first low-cost domestic hydrogen sensor, H2Go.

Jen Fenner, Managing Director at DefProc, credits the hard work and dedication of the company’s small team of six for this growth:

“This business growth is a testament to the strategic vision and unwavering dedication of the DefProc team, and drive for continued innovation, excellence and client satisfaction.

“The Smart Gas Pressure Sensor is an example of how our engineering solutions can drive meaningful impact – making a real difference in everyday life and solving problems. 

“As a small business, collaborations with the likes of Northern Gas Networks validate our expertise and drive us to continuously innovate, evolve and impress.” 

Patrick Fenner, Director and Head of Engineering, spoke to Hydrogen Industry Leaders about the importance of monitoring the gas network with:

“For NGN, they are working on a project on how best to introduce hydrogen as a renewable fuel into the gas network.

“One of the things that they’re looking to mitigate against with the changeover to hydrogen is they don’t want to have issues with low pressure on the network and it taking a long time to recover.

“It is a big change and NGN want to be sure that it is going to be as smooth as possible for every customer so that the changeover happens as seamlessly as possible.

“It means they get to know, especially in the early stage, if there’s anything unexpected happening, anything they hadn’t planned for and be able to respond to that without having to wait for issues to arise.”

DefProc provides a wide range of services including software, CAD, structural engineering, 3D printing, and design for manufacture to clients across the UK in sectors such as care, telehealth, green energy innovation, maritime, environmental monitoring, MedTech, automotive, sports technology, utilities, tech for good and health and safety.

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