Made Invaders is returning for two MakeFest events this year. We will be at Wirral MakeFest on Saturday 3rd of June, between 10 AM and 4 PM at The Williamson Art Gallery & Museum. On Saturday 1st of July, you can find us at Liverpool Central Library for Liverpool MakeFest. These free events are inclusive and community-driven, promoting STEAM education in an exciting and engaging manner. 

What is Made Invaders?

Inspired by shooting galleries from the 70s and 80s, Made Invaders is a blend of Space Invaders and Time Crisis, housed in a full-size shooting range. DefProc designed the game in-house using low-tech materials. This challenged us to find the most innovative way to develop a functional, robust gaming experience. Players have 30 seconds to hit as many targets as possible using a Nerf blaster and foam darts. Each target has a different number of points assigned to it, so players have to figure out which targets can help them get the highest score! 

Previous events

Made Invaders debuted at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle back in 2016. Since then, it has appeared at events such as Manchester MakeFest, Liverpool MakeFest and the Liverpool City Region Skills Show. Every year, the positive reactions to the game amaze us. It was built with accessibility in mind so everyone can have a go! Last year, we made some much-needed upgrades to Made Invaders and finally replaced the breadboards that faithfully served us for six years. 

Find us at MakeFest

If you think you have what it takes to become a Made Invaders champion, find us at either Wirral or Liverpool MakeFest! If you’re curious about the technology behind the game, check out our blog posts about the sensors that make Made Invaders work and the hardware behind it.

You can also follow us on Twitter for more information about future events.