January 2017

About Made Invaders

In the 1970s and 80s shooting galleries that used simple light detection were everywhere. The rifle would emit a simple pulse of light, and if that light happened [...]

December 2016

Cheerlights Tower

As is traditional at Christmas here at DefProc, we attempt a small project to build a new fun, festive item. While this is spuriously titled as a 5 [...]

March 2016

A Small Egg

On the contrary to what little has been said already about this particular endeavour, the egg in question is actually on the rather large side. Andrew Small's comissioned [...]

October 2015

May 2015

December 2014

It’s a Cracker

It seems like a kind of tradition to do a 5 minute project for Christmas. Last year's cheertree is back up in DoES Liverpool and has now been [...]

August 2014

May 2014

December 2013


I've previously had a “5 minute project” at Christmas time, where I made laser cut Christmas trees. The files are up on thingiverse so you can cut your [...]

October 2013

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